Enjoy Every Sandwich

In October of 2002, rock singer, songwriter and musician Warren Zevon appeared for the last time on the Letterman Show. He had been diagnosed with cancer, and while talking to David Letterman, he was asked how his life is different after the diagnosis. His answer:

“You’re reminded to enjoy every sandwich and every minute of it…”

This past weekend I graduated from the University of Delaware with my class of 2012 from the Lerner College of Business and Economics. The past 4 years have been filled with laughter, beer, embarrassing pictures, best friends, and most of all coffee (what college student doesn’t run solely on coffee?). I felt that Zevon’s quote is appropriate to go along with the bittersweet weekend of my college graduation. We’re reminded to enjoy every minute of our time and I feel as if we have taken advantage of the great opportunities that the University of Delaware has to offer. I’d love to individually thank every person at UD that has helped me start this business through this super hip (do people still say ‘hip?’) blog of mine, but if I did you’d all stop reading after the second line. That said, there is one person I’d like to personally mention since he did the same for me this past Saturday.

For those of you who weren’t there, weren’t listening, or too hungover to function at graduation, President Harker’s commencement speech discussed the idea of leaving a legacy. I’ve never considered myself to have left a legacy for anything, but apparently starting a food cart business falls under the category of the “legacy of entrepreneurship.” In other words, President Harker spoke about me and I Don’t Give a Fork at my graduation in front of nearly all of my graduating class. I have to commend him for getting a fairly decent chuckle at the name of the food cart, and commend my roommates for not yelling “I KNOW HER” too loudly.

Again, for those of you who didn’t get a chance to see it, here it is! And for those of you who did see it, watch it again, but this time with me awkwardly giggling in the background of my high quality (iPhone) video.



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You’ve Gotta Fight… For Your Right… To Party (with sandwiches)!

What do college students like more than beer?

Well, free beer.

But other than that? Turns out, it’s sandwiches.

On Friday May 11th, I Don’t Give a Fork hosted an outdoor sandwich tasting event to test out 5 of the sandwiches that will be served on the cart. Along with the sandwiches, there were chips, soda, and of course what every college party needs, beer.

Now this party wasn’t just to get drunk and eat lots of sandwiches. Believe it or not, I used it as a way to test out sandwich recipes, and also to test whether people would give the $3 donation for as many sandwiches and beer as they could eat/drink/absorb through osmosis. And the latter was a resounding success. And as for the former, I got some excellent feedback.


“This is amazing.”

“I love spicy chipotle mayo”

“You don’t smell”

“Make the hot dogs less slippery”

While there were more, uh, helpful things written on the comment cards, such as “more slaw,” the humorous cards were still beneficial… if only for the comedic effect.

To add to the comedy, I hired a friend to take pictures at the party. Having professional pictures of people chowing down results in some hilarious photos. While I’d love to put them up so we can all giggle at the expense of the unlucky people being photographed, I think there would be a mob after me before the day is over. Instead, I’ll put up some pictures of the delicious sandwiches I served, and the awesome friends that helped me have so much success with this party.









Only 3 more months until these can be enjoyed on a daily basis. I hope you guys are getting excited!


Enjoy finals week, Newark!


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Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

The day has finally come.

The day that I finally give a response other than “ummm… sandwiches?” to the infamous question: “What the hell are you going to be serving in this so-called food cart of yours?”

In other words, I have completed my sandwich menu. 

Breakfast (served on an 6” hoagie roll)

  • Scrambled eggs & cheese with salsa or ketchup
  • Bacon, scrambled eggs & cheese with salsa or ketchup
  • Ham,  scrambled eggs & cheese with salsa or ketchup
  • Corned beef hash, scrambled eggs, & cheese
  • Cheesesteak, scrambled eggs, & fried onions with ketchup
  • Veggies, scrambled eggs & cheese with salsa or ketchup

Lunch (Served on an 6” hoagie roll)

  • Ham & cheese with spicy mustard & apple slaw
  • Turkey, bacon & tomato with Parmesan peppercorn mayo
  • Grilled vegetables & cheese with a lemon, garlic mayo
  • Grilled zucchini cakes with lettuce, tomato & a spicy chipotle mayo
  • Lettuce, tomato, mozzarella, & red peppers with a pesto spread

Specialty (Served on an 6” hoagie roll)

  • The Mac & Cheese-steak
    • Philly cheese steak with grilled onions smothered in macaroni and cheese
  • The Freshman Fifteen
    • Chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, & hash browns served with spicy ketchup
  • Franks & Beans
    • Grilled hot dogs with cheese, fried onions & a baked bean spread

In addition to these 14 sandwiches, I will also be serving soda, water and coffee and snack foods like chips, fruit and hash browns.

If you want more information, or just want to say hi to your favorite curly-haired friend (me), head to the University of Delaware’s Trabant Multi-Purpose Room tomorrow (April 19th) from 5:30-7:30 tomorrow to visit me and my 4th grade science fair like tri-fold board about I Don’t Give a Fork and pick up some free stuff I’ll be handing out!


Peace, Love, and NO UTENSILS!


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Back in the Newark Groove

Hello esteemed readers!

I have just completed one of the more minor steps in starting a food cart business: actually purchasing a food cart. The aforementioned odyssey itself involved me journeying to Tannersville, PA (in a Honda Odyssey, no less) and making what we call in the business world a “transaction”. The cart is now sitting in my parents driveway, a testament to the blood, sweat and tears I didn’t actually produce (except for the sweat… there was a lot of that).


The cart will be officially put into use this August for the opening of I Don’t Give a Fork, but until then it will be scrubbed, painted and decorated on off weekends until I can finally bring it to the Delaware Tire Center. You know, the one that’s located in Delaware.








Thanks to EVERYONE for your support, and most importantly your facebook “likes” for the picture of me and my brand new food cart. Social validity happens to be a great determinant of a successful business (note: I’m 100% joking).


Keep reading, friends and come buy a sandwich from me in LESS THAN 5 MONTHS!

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The Food Truck Girl is Back!

In the past month so many things have happened with research for my business, I’m not sure where to begin. Let’s start with making the semi-finals of Hen Hatch, this semester’s Business Idea Pitch competition. While this is great news, preparing for this Friday’s presentation in order to make it to the finals has had me super busy for the past month, so I apologize to anybody who might be reading this.

Equally as important as the Hen Hatch competition is UDseed, a new platform at the University of Delaware that enables friends, family, faculty and alumni to donate to student projects such as the I Don’t Give a Fork business venture. Instead of talking about that, I will post the video that is on the website that allows for donations to go directly to me in order to help me start my business.

If anybody IS reading this, it is really important that I generate votes on UDseed. It is not a contest, but the more votes that a business has the better for distribution of funds and showing how many people are interested in the project. Clicking the “share” option will link you to Facebook, and “connecting” on LinkedIn both give me points. I encourage anybody reading to please share and connect as much as possible because with your support, making this business happen will be a lot easier.

Here is the link! http://useed.udel.edu/projects/8

(Sorry I have such a big head in the video.)

Thanks everyone!


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How Do You Say “Food Truck” in Italian?

Well hello there everyone!

I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve updated this thing, but I have been in Italy for the past few weeks! Luckily for me, Italy has provided me with some interesting food truck information (and by that I mean the touristy pictures I’ve been taking of food trucks).

Our first stop with food trucks was in Volterra, Italy which is in the Tuscan region. We stopped at an early morning market, and discovered that there is no wrong time for fried mozzarella balls, croquettes,  and seasoned french fries and was a pretty awesome start to our day. Not quite the kind of truck I’m planning on having, but pretty cool anyway.


They also had a fish truck that we did NOT take advantage of for various reasons, but was still interesting to see anyway:

The next set of trucks I saw in Italy were  Milan and were EVERYWHERE. It was mostly snack foods and things like this one:

Some of the cooler trucks sold waffles with Nutella (Italians can’t get enough of the stuff apparently) and corn on the cob… on the same truck!

Kinda like this:









There was even a Spanish food truck out late on the streets of Milan. I got a thumbs up! 


In conclusion, I realize this isn’t the most riveting post, but I did want to share my experiences with food trucks while studying abroad. There will be more to come once I’m back in Delaware and putting the rest of my business together.


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Holy Business Cards, Batman!


Did you guess business cards? (Was it that obvious?)

As you can see from these high quality web cam pictures, they are quite awesome.

As difficult as it has been getting this business started, it’s the little things like this that make me feel like I have a legitimate venture. Even though I may not have a truck yet, I still feel like moving forward step by step has helped people believe that this is really going to happen. I can now hand someone my card instead of just leaving them with my information scribbled on a Post It and hoping they don’t misplace it or throw it away (I’m hoping nobody has actually thrown my information away, but you never know).

On a similar note, the package of business cards I ordered was on super sale, so I included some magnets in with my order (see below)

Those baby words didn’t come with the magnet, I was just fooling around. I’m clearly mature enough to own my own business.

Anyway, I suppose I could write more about how exciting business cards and magnets are, but I don’t want to bore you all… and by “all” I mean my mother, who may very well be the only person who reads this.

Farewell from New Jersey!

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