Holy Business Cards, Batman!


Did you guess business cards? (Was it that obvious?)

As you can see from these high quality web cam pictures, they are quite awesome.

As difficult as it has been getting this business started, it’s the little things like this that make me feel like I have a legitimate venture. Even though I may not have a truck yet, I still feel like moving forward step by step has helped people believe that this is really going to happen. I can now hand someone my card instead of just leaving them with my information scribbled on a Post It and hoping they don’t misplace it or throw it away (I’m hoping nobody has actually thrown my information away, but you never know).

On a similar note, the package of business cards I ordered was on super sale, so I included some magnets in with my order (see below)

Those baby words didn’t come with the magnet, I was just fooling around. I’m clearly mature enough to own my own business.

Anyway, I suppose I could write more about how exciting business cards and magnets are, but I don’t want to bore you all… and by “all” I mean my mother, who may very well be the only person who reads this.

Farewell from New Jersey!

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One response to “Holy Business Cards, Batman!

  1. aunt jojo

    I read it all but then again I am your mother’s sister.

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