The Food Truck Girl is Back!

In the past month so many things have happened with research for my business, I’m not sure where to begin. Let’s start with making the semi-finals of Hen Hatch, this semester’s Business Idea Pitch competition. While this is great news, preparing for this Friday’s presentation in order to make it to the finals has had me super busy for the past month, so I apologize to anybody who might be reading this.

Equally as important as the Hen Hatch competition is UDseed, a new platform at the University of Delaware that enables friends, family, faculty and alumni to donate to student projects such as the I Don’t Give a Fork business venture. Instead of talking about that, I will post the video that is on the website that allows for donations to go directly to me in order to help me start my business.

If anybody IS reading this, it is really important that I generate votes on UDseed. It is not a contest, but the more votes that a business has the better for distribution of funds and showing how many people are interested in the project. Clicking the “share” option will link you to Facebook, and “connecting” on LinkedIn both give me points. I encourage anybody reading to please share and connect as much as possible because with your support, making this business happen will be a lot easier.

Here is the link!

(Sorry I have such a big head in the video.)

Thanks everyone!

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2 responses to “The Food Truck Girl is Back!

  1. Bob Nelson

    Leigh, I enjoyed meeting you breifly yesterday. As you can see, I checked out your website. All the best with this project.
    ~Bob Nelson, HRIM

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