Back in the Newark Groove

Hello esteemed readers!

I have just completed one of the more minor steps in starting a food cart business: actually purchasing a food cart. The aforementioned odyssey itself involved me journeying to Tannersville, PA (in a Honda Odyssey, no less) and making what we call in the business world a “transaction”. The cart is now sitting in my parents driveway, a testament to the blood, sweat and tears I didn’t actually produce (except for the sweat… there was a lot of that).


The cart will be officially put into use this August for the opening of I Don’t Give a Fork, but until then it will be scrubbed, painted and decorated on off weekends until I can finally bring it to the Delaware Tire Center. You know, the one that’s located in Delaware.








Thanks to EVERYONE for your support, and most importantly your facebook “likes” for the picture of me and my brand new food cart. Social validity happens to be a greatĀ determinantĀ of a successful business (note: I’m 100% joking).


Keep reading, friends and come buy a sandwich from me in LESS THAN 5 MONTHS!

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One response to “Back in the Newark Groove

  1. FoodTruckFan123

    you’re hilarious!

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