You’ve Gotta Fight… For Your Right… To Party (with sandwiches)!

What do college students like more than beer?

Well, free beer.

But other than that? Turns out, it’s sandwiches.

On Friday May 11th, I Don’t Give a Fork hosted an outdoor sandwich tasting event to test out 5 of the sandwiches that will be served on the cart. Along with the sandwiches, there were chips, soda, and of course what every college party needs, beer.

Now this party wasn’t just to get drunk and eat lots of sandwiches. Believe it or not, I used it as a way to test out sandwich recipes, and also to test whether people would give the $3 donation for as many sandwiches and beer as they could eat/drink/absorb through osmosis. And the latter was a resounding success. And as for the former, I got some excellent feedback.


“This is amazing.”

“I love spicy chipotle mayo”

“You don’t smell”

“Make the hot dogs less slippery”

While there were more, uh, helpful things written on the comment cards, such as “more slaw,” the humorous cards were still beneficial… if only for the comedic effect.

To add to the comedy, I hired a friend to take pictures at the party. Having professional pictures of people chowing down results in some hilarious photos. While I’d love to put them up so we can all giggle at the expense of the unlucky people being photographed, I think there would be a mob after me before the day is over. Instead, I’ll put up some pictures of the delicious sandwiches I served, and the awesome friends that helped me have so much success with this party.









Only 3 more months until these can be enjoyed on a daily basis. I hope you guys are getting excited!


Enjoy finals week, Newark!


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One response to “You’ve Gotta Fight… For Your Right… To Party (with sandwiches)!

  1. The mac and cheese-steak looks amazing. Please open soon, your pictures are making me hungry!!

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