Enjoy Every Sandwich

In October of 2002, rock singer, songwriter and musician Warren Zevon appeared for the last time on the Letterman Show. He had been diagnosed with cancer, and while talking to David Letterman, he was asked how his life is different after the diagnosis. His answer:

“You’re reminded to enjoy every sandwich and every minute of it…”

This past weekend I graduated from the University of Delaware with my class of 2012 from the Lerner College of Business and Economics. The past 4 years have been filled with laughter, beer, embarrassing pictures, best friends, and most of all coffee (what college student doesn’t run solely on coffee?). I felt that Zevon’s quote is appropriate to go along with the bittersweet weekend of my college graduation. We’re reminded to enjoy every minute of our time and I feel as if we have taken advantage of the great opportunities that the University of Delaware has to offer. I’d love to individually thank every person at UD that has helped me start this business through this super hip (do people still say ‘hip?’) blog of mine, but if I did you’d all stop reading after the second line. That said, there is one person I’d like to personally mention since he did the same for me this past Saturday.

For those of you who weren’t there, weren’t listening, or too hungover to function at graduation, President Harker’s commencement speech discussed the idea of leaving a legacy. I’ve never considered myself to have left a legacy for anything, but apparently starting a food cart business falls under the category of the “legacy of entrepreneurship.” In other words, President Harker spoke about me and I Don’t Give a Fork at my graduation in front of nearly all of my graduating class. I have to commend him for getting a fairly decent chuckle at the name of the food cart, and commend my roommates for not yelling “I KNOW HER” too loudly.

Again, for those of you who didn’t get a chance to see it, here it is! And for those of you who did see it, watch it again, but this time with me awkwardly giggling in the background of my high quality (iPhone) video.


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3 responses to “Enjoy Every Sandwich

  1. What ever happened to this concept?

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